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Engram Extraction
a hypothetical experiment into extracting and recording the biophysical and/or biochemical imprints of events on memory

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Engram Extraction
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Engram : A hypothetical permanent change in the brain accounting for the existence of memory; a memory trace.

Hologram : A photograph of an interference pattern which, when suitably illuminated, produces a three-dimensional image.

Microtubule : A microscopic tubular structure present in numbers in the cytoplasm of cells, sometimes aggregating to form more complex structures.

Chi : The circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.

Tachyon : A hypothetical particle that travels faster than light.

Hallucination : An experience involving the apparent perception of something not present.


If memory is recorded, imprinted, etched into our neural cells, then we can potentially replay recorded memory traces. Engram Extraction is an experiment of such a procedure.

Engram Extraction proposes using stroboscopic light to unlock the doorway into our holographic neural matrix by agitating programmed nerve cells and generating standing waves in rods, cones and microtubules. This may cause interference patterns with stored engram's which will be picked up via electrodes connected to pins and electro magnetic field (EMF) detectors at acupuncture points on the human body relating to memory. The signal from the electrodes and detectors will be sent to a tape recording device for immediate playback.


1. Construct an electronic circuit for controlling the flash rate of ultra bright light emitting diodes (LEDs) from approximately 0-50Hz.

2. Mount circuit and LEDs into wearable goggles.

3. Construct electrodes from acupuncture pins and EMF detectors and insert and position these at acupuncture points on the body relating to memory.

4. Make magnetic audio tape loop from magnetite.

5. Connect acupuncture pins and EMF detectors to tape loop for continuous record and playback.

- other :
+ mega dose vitamin C to enhance neural cell firing
+ inhale smoke from the Holy Wood to relax the bodies nervous system and muscle tissue

Engram Extraction

An engram is a hypothetical permanent change in the brain accounting for the existence of memory; a memory trace. RS is credited with naming the engram and describes its functioning by analogy to phonographic recordings. KL was in search of the engram but could not locate it to such a specific recording from sense organs to a specific part of the cortex, but rather the engram was represented throughout the entire region and is tied in with the whole complex of spatial and temporal axes of nervous activity which forms a constant substratum of behaviour. Some sort of polarization of activity and rhythmic discharges pervade the entire brain influencing the organisation of activity everywhere.

Perhaps the engram comes and goes, more akin to a holographic recording than a phonographic one. The hologram is an encoding of the light field as an interference pattern which may be unitelligeble under certain light conditions. If neuronal microtubular systems are offered as an anatomical substrate for bioholography, then microtubules (MT's) abilities to dissolve and re-form under certain conditions (temperature, pressure, drugs) is analogus to seeing a fully formed holographic image or not under certain light conditions. MT's may be seen to orient, shape, and direct cytoplasmic movement and cell polarity, and subsequently to serve a cytoskeletal role. SH makes the statement: Perhaps MT's work like radar? In the same year as SH's paper was published, PKD wrote a letter to PF explaining how he had transduced tachyon bombardment which had brought him actual information from the future. PKD had turned his brain into a radar, megadosing vitamin C to imporve his neural firing to pick up external electrical fields. This triggered phosphene activity in his eyes generating a flood of coloured graphics resembling the "flash cut" technique used in film. These developed into actual information sent from the future, recieved during sleep, in the form of "print-outs"; actual words, sentences, letters, names and numbers. He thought at first he was part of a long range ESP experiment from the USSR but began to realise that he was transducing tachyons which come to us constantly, and which animals utilise to engram them into performing what we call "instinctive actions".

If PKD had successfully turned his brain into a radar to recieve this devine communication then perhaps he had tuned his MTs to act as waveguides. SH postulates that MTs may work a bit like Klystron tubes utilizing cavity resonators which are geometric waveguides in which a specific electromagnetic wave may resonate and dwell, not unlike air in a tuned organ pipe. MTs would then harness standing waves, dissipate energy into surrounding tissue, propagate impulses, and potentially behave in a phototropic manner; ultimately building up an absolute holographic interference pattern, or field, encompassing the whole brain.

Magnetic fields have been detected outside the human head and neuronal generated magnetic fields have been measured, with the densest emanations of energy coming from acupuncture points. SH says that Chi...is in fact interfering, coherent photic energy from the sun and stars which is refracted by the stratum corneum and resonant within MTs. PKDs transduced tachyon bombardment then? For SH the engram of the whole body should be in any neuronal group as measured by modulation of a pulsed function.

In order to activate, unlock, or agitate engrams we will introduce continuous photic stimulation of the human eye (the gateway to the soul) via stroboscopic light. It has been well documented that stroboscopic light and/or flicker triggers colour and geometric form hallucinations in humans. These, however, are not actually hallucinations, unless the user has a pre-existing condition. A hallucination is the perception of something not actually present; not real. The colours and forms seen with stroboscopic light and flicker are the opposite to hallucinations. They are reality. The observation of the mechanisms of the body and mind at work. Memories. Engrams reactivated.

Colour and geometric form hallucinations memories have been documented by JEP, HK, GW, WB, BG, EC and many others. The patterns also resemble electron cloud formations, Hydrogen Wave function and interference patterns. FW says The equations for atoms and light are, almost literally, the same equations that govern musical instruments and sound. A handful of elegant designs support Natures exuberant construction, from simple building blocks, of the material world.

Continuous photic stimulation through flicker will then activate programmed nerve cells, stimulate rods and cones in the eye and cause MTs to generate standing waves and interference patterns enabling the neural holographic matrix to become observable. Specific frequencies of flicker will generate various images. These images may be the body and minds memories slowly moving into perception and activated throughout the whole energy field, or Chi, or the liquid crystal meridians, or the neural hologram.

Energies emitted from specific acupuncture points relating to memory are collected via pin electrodes and EMF detectors. The signals are sent to audio tape constructed with magnetite for immediate and continuous recording and playback, ultimately creating a feedback loop.

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