these practitioners practice dark hypnosis in psychoactive hyperventilation clubs

ryan jordan
{audiovisual catharsis}

Ryan Jordan
Image: Sergey Dushkin

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Ryan Jordans work attempts to set out a potential framework for the
exploration of often hidden processes and systems functioning in technology,
human perceptual mechanisms and environmental phenomena in an attempt to
bring them into the forefront of our conscious reality.

"Embedded in wires and circuits, Ryan Jordan beams throbbing, ritualistic
recreations of rave musik from some dystopic future place where all recording
technology is long since gone and only folk memories of 'dance music' exist."
- Adam Parkinson

"The resulting instruments, though visually crude, are Frankenstein-like webs of copper
wire and rocks."
- Geoff Manaugh

"Wandering into Ryan Jordan's set was disconcerting as the audience stood uniformly
rooted to the spot as this abominable light-show and the sound of industrial breakdown
blasted out from the stage. The effect is mentally destabilising as you try and
process what you're presented with. Then that lizard part at the back of your brain
takes over and you start to hear the throb of something behind the battery, the light
show stops blinding you and starts breaking down into jagged images that make you think
you can see the tracery of your own retina."
- Charlie Bailey

"The performance was simple, theatrical and utterly terrifying. At first, the
room was silent, and Jordan had filled the stage-end of the room with smoke.
Three strobes were positioned faced the audience; as they started to pulse, they
activated light-sensitive circuits (hand-built by Jordan), which triggered
electronic sounds. As the lights flashed more intensely, the music escalated
until the space was filled with a throbbing white light and an excruciating noise.
It was like being in a cloud of sheet lightning."
- Colin Perry

"Ryan Jordan can be heard from a mile away and the closer to the flashing core of the
strobe light the stranger it becomes. The 500bpm drill in a hypnotic, surrealist and
visceral display of the intensity of sound and light. The retro death telegraphy and
possession trance are pretty accurate descriptions of what Ryan Jordan does, others
may call it a loud noise with a flashing light, but the experience was so intense to
watch it was worth spending 45 minutes of the day to stand still and pay close attention."
- James Wootton

"He used various synthesizers and he burned incense to create a liberating and
dark hypnosis..... Everyone just allowed their bodies to take over and not think
about anything other than what we were experiencing. It was incredible and now I
finally understand the mentality of raving. He describes his work as an
'audio-visual catharsis' and it makes complete sense because his music takes over
you and leaves you in a trance. You don't think. You just act."
- Daisy Johnson

"I always wanted to try LSD but after this performance, there is no need for it anymore."
- Someone who was at the gig at Lothringer 13 Halle

"At times I was genuinely worried I might keel over in the flashing lights."
- Lisa Buckby

"White heat strobe emissions; heart pounding kicks; total sensory overload and
temporary ego death through the sheer hypnotic power of NOISE. Jordan is attempting
mass hypnosis, alongside a single incessant strobe light. His 'beats' - if they can
be described thus - are militaristic staccato while the strobe works in hideous
unrelenting synchronicity. Looking around the room is highly disorientating - crowd
movements caught in grotesque bursts of violent white light."
- Harry Sword

"Ryan Jordan throws all-night noise events, and his set was an all out assault.
Starting with cracks and pops that sounded threatening, like massively magnified logs
crackling on a fire, it built up to a barrage of sound with an industrial strobe light
pointed directly in the audience's faces pulsing to match its rhythms and intensity.
The only option with this assault was to close one's eyes, which - in the manner of
Brion Gysin's 'Brain Machine' - caused geometrical hallucinations. Quite akin to the
music of Astral Social club, it became an ecstatic and literally transporting
experience, removing us from the room, and was over all too soon."
- Joe Muggs

"Disorientation induced, flashes of green and blue stream across the Box ceiling,
asynchronous brain cell firing, slow motion backwards movement, Ken Kesey grotesquely
fixed facial expression, eyes shielded under coats, a sustained arc - pity the two
unfortunates at the front facing the machine straight on."
- Peter Guy

"The timing of light and sound is immaculate, and richly textured. Our own circuitry
fully descended now from the cerebral, critical, suspicious human being, to a purely
biological system, granulating, flipping on and off with the light and sound."
- Nathan Jones

"Guantanamo Bay-style techno torture which left me stressed and headachy......
fifteen minutes of epilepsy-inducing strobe lighting accompanied by head-searing
screaming white noise (HELP) - so awful that I was praying for a power blackout."
- some random blogger I found

"We sit out Ryan Jordan's set on the second stage because it's packed, it's also so very
loud it shakes the windows across the courtyard and the relentless strobe can be seen
blinking off them too. Even from outside it's intense."
- Hickeysonic

"Ryan Jordan draws us in with a strobes and noise set that's unlike anything we've ever
seen before. Aiming to create a sense of unease and hypnosis, the darkened room is lit
only by the incessant flash of white strobes that pump in time to ear-shattering noises
that are unpredictable and we are left disorientated and dizzied by the sheer violence
of it. Like driving against a tide of foglights while a cassette explodes in your tape
deck at full volume, it's a completely earth-shattering performance that leaves us
stunned and speechless. Seek out this act for yourself, seriously."
- Mike Ninehertz